UkashOut Mastercard launched by Ukash

June 15, 2011 | Sarah Blackburn

Ukash, the Global eMoney network, has announced the launch of the UkashOut MasterCard(R), which enables players to convert online winnings back to cash safely and securely.

Having paid-out their winnings as a Ukash voucher, the UkashOut MasterCard(R) lets players transfer their winnings back to cash by loading their voucher onto a UkashOut MasterCard(R). For Operators who have already enabled users to payout to a Ukash voucher – a proposition that Ukash launched to Operators last year – they can now close the loop for their players by informing them they can turn that voucher back to cash with the UkashOut MasterCard(R). This is a faster and more convenient system that marks the end of costly cheques, bank transfers and other traditional payout methods.

Players can use the prepaid, reloadable UkashOut card to withdraw cash from any ATM with the MasterCard(R) logo. The card can also be used anywhere that MasterCard(R) is accepted. It can only be bought and loaded with Ukash vouchers.

David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of, said, “The UkashOut MasterCard(R) development is a huge step in completing the gaming experience for our players by providing the opportunity to convert online winnings back to cash. The benefits are fantastic for both players and operators: it’s faster, easier, and more convenient than many other forms of cashing out . What’s more, MasterCard(R) is a recognised brand which is trusted worldwide which will give extra reassurance to the player.”

UkashOut MasterCard(R) is issued in either GBP, US$ or Euros. Players are able to hold one UkashOut MasterCard(R) per currency. For maximum security, players must complete a full KYC (Know Your Customer) process to obtain the UkashOut MasterCard(R) by post, and must activate it before using.

Ukash will be running a television advertisement on PokerChannel TV across Europe (tune in on Sky channel 166 in the UK) to spread the word about Ukash, the UkashOut Mastercard and how these offerings can simplify the payout of winnings.

Between now and September, anyone who signs up for a UkashOut Mastercard will have a chance to win a seat at the EPT London between the 30th of September to the 5th of October 2011.

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