Ezugi is proud to announce the addition of minigames to its HTML5 live dealer experience

July 8, 2013 | Sarah Blackburn

Specialist live dealer technology provider Ezugi, have today announced a partnership with casino software provider Play’n GO. This partnership will see the inclusion of Play’n GO’s slot games such as Ace of Spades, Cops’n’Robbers and Lucky Diamonds and their table games BlackJack Casino Holdem and Mini Roulette available on Ezugi’s HTML5 package.

Play’n GO minigames are an in game pop up that appear within the same window to entice the customer to continue playing whilst they are waiting for results to be announced or a new table is loaded. Using a simple API, Ezugi have synchronised the player’s balance between the slot games and table games to the same online wallet meaning the customer does not have to leave any window and can continue to play and easily deposit and withdraw in parallel. The in game experience comes in Real Money and Demo Modes giving the customer the option to simply entertain themselves during the wait or to add to their winnings.

Although in their infancy, Ezugi are showing they are experienced when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction,

Kfir Kugler CEO and Founder comments “The customer comes first when it comes to designing and integrating our live dealer games and our partnership with Play’n GO will only go further to prove how important the customer is and to make sure they are entertained all the way through their live dealer experience. It is a great additional monetization opportunity for our clients”.

Speaking on behalf of Play’n GO, Johan Törnqvist, CEO has shown their delight in the partnership by saying “We have an excellent array of premium slots games that have proven to be very popular amongst players and we are more than confident that Ezugi will see a significant rise in retention and deposits made during a customer’s time online. The entertainment value is second to none and with a growing player base this will add great value and put Ezugi at the forefront of the Live Dealer experience”.