Ukash and bank machine partners to give consumers access to cardless cash at ATMs

July 24, 2013 | Sarah Blackburn

Innovative new service enables consumers to turn Ukash back into cash at more than 3,000 Bank Machine ATMs

Global online cash payments provider, Ukash and independent ATM operator, Bank Machine, have joined forces to give consumers more flexible access to cash. Consumers can now convert Ukash codes into cash at Bank Machine ATMs across the UK without the need for a debit or credit card following the launch of this unique new service.

From gaming or competition winnings to refunds or ‘change’ from Ukash vouchers, the new Ukash Cash Withdrawals service means consumers have an easy way to convert online funds back into cash with Ukash.

This exciting new initiative goes to the heart of empowering cash consumers and extends the convenience of online cash even further. As David Hunter, CEO, Ukash explains, it is designed to give consumers the utmost flexibility with their Ukash. It also creates greater appeal for e-commerce retailers to add Ukash to their payment options.

“The partnership between Ukash and Bank Machine, the longest-established independent ATM operator in the UK, will make Bank Machine the first non-bank operator to offer cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs,” said David Hunter.

Stephen Hart, Business Development Manager, Bank Machine added: “At Bank Machine, our constant focus is on increasing consumer access to cash through our ATMs. The partnership between Ukash and Bank Machine certainly achieves that, and this innovation clearly demonstrates that ATMs can provide services that complement those offered on the internet. We look forward to offering this service to customers on more than 3,000 Bank Machine ATMs across the UK.”

Ukash enables consumers to spend cash securely online, removing the need to reveal personal financial information. Ukash codes are purchased with cash in retail outlets such as shops and petrol stations. The unique 19 digit codes can then be used to pay directly on thousands of websites that accept Ukash transactions worldwide.

Established in 2001, Ukash has grown to more than 465,000 physical points of purchase, including 50,000 in the UK, and is available in more than 57 countries around the world. Ukash has been expanding its presence across a myriad of ecommerce outlets, from fashion and fragrances to entertainment and gadgets, putting consumers in control of their spending without needing a credit or debit account.

“We have been leading the way in helping consumers transact online for more than a decade” concluded David Hunter. “We identified that greater flexibility in converting Ukash back into cash was an important customer service advantage. As a result we have made significant investment in the development of Ukash Cash Withdrawals. We believe it’s a pioneering step for consumers and e-tailers alike.”