The importance of entering awards

April 29, 2014 | Sarah Blackburn

As winners of eGaming Review’s 2010 Marketing Partner of the Year, we recognise the value in taking the time to sit down and draft an awards entry on behalf of your own company. Particularly as historically (and most likely recognised by other boutique agencies), our own marketing & communications tend to be left till last in favour of supporting and drafting our client’s submissions.

So why enter awards?

Winning an award can benefit a business in a number of ways both in boosting the team’s morale to gaining a competitive advantage. In fact, just by a company being announced as part of the shortlist, can give that company a boost over its competition and also have a huge influence when it comes to signing new business.

Of course, we all want to win and a bit of healthy competition amongst competing businesses is always good for the soul! It is a well-known fact that decision makers can be influenced by award wins when it comes to choosing its external creative partners, a public or judged nomination gives you the industry stamp of approval whilst an award gives you the ‘best of breed’ status.

Let’s also look at positives internally too. Winning an award can really boost morale in-house and project a company forward by boosting team spirit. It also provides recognition that over the last year, the entire team has worked hard to make the company what it is today which in turn, motivates staff and increases productivity.

So what is there to lose?

GameOn has been shortlisted for the B2B eGaming Review Awards 2014 and winners will be announced on 17th June 2014. We would also like to congratulate our clients MC&C, Ukash and Glow Digital Media – wish us all luck!