Golden Rock revolutionises online roulette with latest launch

March 9, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Golden Rock Roulette x2 gives players the chance to double their winnings with every play for free.

Golden Rock Studios continues to push boundaries with its latest table game, Golden Rock Studios Roulette x2, which awards players with double pay-outs for free.

The innovative feature works by giving players a dice roll after each Winning round; if all four dice numbers match, the player’s win is multiplied x2/doubled.

This means the fast-paced game offers much better odds of 70-1 compared with standard roulette games which have odds of 35-1.

Golden Rock Studios Roulette x2 has been built with a mobile first approach and features beautiful design and a highly intuitive user interface for play on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop.

This includes swipe to play Quickchips which allows for faster bet placement while every available pixel has been used to deliver the best playability of any roulette game on the market.

Golden Rock Studios Roulette x2 has a return to player (RTP) of 97.45% – 97.74%. The minimum bet is £0.10 and the maximum bet is £1,000.00.

James Curwen, CEO at Golden Rock Studios, said: “Golden Rock Studios Roulette X2 has been built with pure gamblers in mind. It’s exceptional UI and UX means you can place chips faster and smoother than any other roulette on the market with the added benefit of our USP dice feature that can award the customer double payouts for free every winning spin!

“This game has been developed with over 30 years of industry experience in table games both in land based and online, with better odds for the customer for the first time ever and with stunning gameplay I don’t know why anyone would play anything else.”