“Play A Darts Pro” Live on Youtube!

April 24, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

This weekend sees one betting platform supplier bring punters and professional players closer together than ever before. The Remote Darts League (RDL), a new events arm set up by FSB, is offering darts fans a unique chance to play against an RDL professional of their choice. They’re also streaming it live on youtube.

“We all need to adapt during these difficult times and providing new live and remote content for sports fans works”, says Dave McDowell, CEO of FSB. “In two short weeks, we’ve been able to produce a professional event, live streaming plus data and odds feeds for bookmakers end to end.”

We’re now on day 7 of the first 10-day league, which includes some top professional players such as Jim Williams. After deciding the final four this weekend, they will run two semis and a final match on Monday 27th. Live action will be streamed from professional players’ homes to the homes of their fans. But just beforehand, one lucky promotion winner will be playing their very own pro-am match.

Remote sports allows us to bring fans closer to players”, notes Kevin Dale, Producer and CEO of Farawaysports, the host organisation set up by FSB for the event.