Ezugi hits the jackpot with Live Jackpot Roulette

May 28, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Jackpot Roulette will be the first of its kind in Live Dealer!

Ezugi is set to roll out to their partners and players next level excitement, powered by BlueRibbon Software, which will deliver achievable and engaging jackpots on Ezugi’s latest game release, Jackpot Roulette.

BlueRibbon’s cutting-edge jackpot-based solutions, which are known for their outstanding marketing potential and player retention properties, will now be available to all operators through the most recent addition to the expanding Ezugi roulette games library.

Enabling opportunities to significantly boost customer engagement as a result of the progressive jackpots, which are hugely popular with players worldwide, the addition of the platform on Jackpot Roulette is sure to be an attractive proposition across the live dealer market.

Through the simple yet rich BlueRibbon back-office, the easily customisable, operator-specific jackpots can be comprehensively configured to suit every operators’ requirements. The private casino jackpots can be seeded by the operators to incentivise player participation from the beginning, with a percentage of the players wagering then contributing to the pot and increasing the overall prize value.

Ezugi’s customers will be able to structure Jackpots through a number of key scenario’s, such as time driven (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) or event driven drops, single and multi-level jackpots, local community or even achievement based awards, all designed to give maximum benefits to promotional campaign activities for the operator. Initially Ezugi will look to offer private jackpots for operators,, however the company is also looking to expand this initiative by launching network wide jackpots later this year in a first of it’s kind Summer Promotion!

This new venture between Ezugi and BlueRibbon, whose jackpot solutions are already used globally by a number of tier one content and iGaming providers, strengthens both companies market position and emphasises their desire to offer the best gaming products to existing and emerging territories.

Ben Zairi, CCO of Ezugi, said: “The past year for Ezugi was all about enriching our offering and elevating our services. Now, with state-of-the-art studio facilities, cutting-edge game interface, certificates & licenses from top regulated markets, unique new Asian content, it was time for us to improve our retention & marketing tools. BlueRibbon was a natural choice for us, mainly because their software is customisable and allows operators to manage and control campaigns according to their understanding of the market, tailored to fit their marketing budget. This flexibility fits Ezugi philosophy to provide customised services. I am also pleased to announce, that after a few successful private jackpot campaigns, we are now working to launch our first ever network campaign this summer, fully sponsored by Ezugi.”

Amir Askarov, CEO of BlueRibbon, said: “The BlueRibbon player engagement platform has been chosen by leading operators and suppliers to offer a new layer of engagement and loyalty using bespoke achievable jackpots. Ezugi is one of the leading Live Casino providers and teaming up with BlueRibbon to offer jackpot incentives strengthens our product offering not just with operators and platforms but also with leading content suppliers looking to enhance their product with a bespoke gamification layer to differentiate their offering and better engage with players.”