FSB teams up with Cricket.com to gamify predictions for cricket fans

June 18, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Members of the hugely popular cricket site and community can test their prowess and knowledge and compete with friends on FSB-powered social sportsbook.

FSB, one of the fastest-growing online gambling technology providers, has teamed up with Cricket.com to deliver an all new prediction-based game for cricket lovers around the globe.

Under the partnership, Cricket.com, the home of cricket online and on mobile app, will launch an FSB-powered social gaming product to its millions of users globally.

The launch comes as live sport starts to resume following the Covid-19 pandemic, providing its members with even more excitement and value as the gentleman’s game returns.

Members are being encouraged to show off their knowledge, celebrate their cricketing prowess and compete with their friends and other members to top private and public leader boards for virtual points.

Sam Lawrence, CTO of FSB, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Cricket.com team who are true visionaries. We will work together to build an innovative front-end and leverage FSB’s modern platform of fast and flexible APIs to create an engaging user experience. Further, this project will exemplify our ability to integrate new and curate multiple data feeds quickly and efficiently”

Deepak Gullapalli, CEO of Crictec Media, said: “We want to give our users an opportunity to use their knowledge and insights offered by our custom-built Criclytics tool to make friendly predictions against their friends and the world at large and elevate the cricket conversations in a uniquely fun and engaging manner. We are delighted to be working with a global and industry-leading sportsbook technology provider, FSB, to deliver on our vision.”