Ciara Nic Liam
Director of Product, Betsson

November 8, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Ciara is one of the best known people in the iGaming industy having held a number of high level roles at tier one companies. But, what we really wanted to find out were those little known facts that people might not know, and she told us…

My day to day role:
I run what is essentially a centralised team providing consultancy to the wider business and commercial teams at Betsson. Including our B2B business, we have over 25 brands running in 15 regulated markets and we provide insights and experience to help them influence and drive performance. I work with the product teams to set the vision and mission for what our Gaming Product is at Betsson and how best they can deliver it, while remaining the constant voice of the customer in all internal meetings. My strength is in taking large abstract data sets and breaking them down with key stakeholders so they are easier to understand and there is a more natural ‘what next’ to reviewing it. My job, most of the time, is to make it easy for people to say ‘yes’.

I speak fluent Irish and have a degree in it.
That means I don’t just know how to ask if I can go to the bathroom, but also 17th and 18th century writings, so I understand how it has evolved over time from Ogham (the lines on rocks) to meeting the modern font

I was a history researcher.
I spent my Academic Work Placement (6 months) in University as an Academic Researcher, working for a Place name company. Essentially they documented local and family names for small rural villages and streets that deviated from local maps and the stories behind them – I wasn’t always so corporate…

What really bugs me!
My biggest work pet peeve is badly formatted PowerPoint presentations, with a full stop at the end of a bullet point being the ultimate sin!!