Green Jade launches Casino Blocks

November 26, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Arcade-skill game pioneers release follow up to hit Jade Puzzle that allow players to bet on every single move they make during the game

Green Jade Games, the progressive and innovative casino game developer, has launched the latest title in its skill-based arcade game series, Casino Blocks.

Casino Blocks is based on Green Jade’s flagship skill-based arcade game, Jade Puzzle, it is not, however, an upgrade on the original but rather a paradigm shift.

Casino Blocks will perform much more like a slot with the bet per move cadence Green Jade first introduced with its Candy Prize BIG (Bet In Game) title.

When playing Casino Blocks, players are given a random series of shapes which they must fit into an 8×8 grid. Every shape they place is a bet with the opportunity for large wins in the base game.

The prize the player receives is determined by a random number generator. If there is a prize, a prize message is displayed and the prize is then credited to their balance.

There is also a mini slot bonus round that appears from time to time giving players the chance to ramp up their winnings through various multipliers.

Players earn points when they form a continuous line of eight cells, either vertical or horizontal, which then disappear from the board to free up more space.

Players are also given two “Power Ups” to help complete the game including a Rotation Power Up and an Exchange shape Power Up.

Each game starts with both power meters at full, with additional Power Ups rewarded when players earn 600 skill points and 750 skill points respectively.

Skill points are rewarded for how well the player performs during the game and for placing a shape, clearing lines, beating previous scores, rotating shapes, exchanging shapes and emptying the grid.

Once the player is unable to place any more shapes down on the grid, the game ends.

Mark Taffler at Green Jade Games, said: “We founded the business in order to change the industry. We stand by that mission statement and we’re extremely proud of Casino Blocks.

Jade Puzzle was and still is a huge success, however, as with every new concept we must adapt to the market forces.

We saw with Candy Prize and Candy Prize BIG that different markets react differently to these skill games.

Bet In Game is a feature we will now roll out on our skill games as it helps the game to engender itself to the existing player base, whilst attracting a new audience with its UX.”