Green Jade releases next in the KO series – Troll KO

November 9, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

Developer releases next in the KO series following hits with Hammer of Fortune and Gladius KO.

Green Jade Games, the progressive and highly innovative studio, is proud to unveil its latest blockbuster knock out slot, Troll K.O.

Troll K.O takes players to the heart of an enchanted forest where they must defeat the trolls in order to claim their treasures and riches.

To help with their quest, the slot has been hooked up to Green Jade’s patented Knock Out feature which allows players to knock symbols out of the reels to create a cascade effect.

The idea then is to line up three or more “Loot Box” symbols horizontally to trigger the game’s bonus features, which include Free Spins, Instant Cash or a combination of the two.

The Knock Out series from Green Jade is one of 3 different types of game produced. The business is still focused on developing its Arcade Skill games, KO slots and Slot games. The KO slots really give players a hand in the outcome of the round. The Skill balance pot means that if a player for whatever reason does not take the winnings that they ‘should’ it goes back into the game making the game a much more volatile and enjoyable experience for the player whilst maintaining the integrity of the RTP.

Hammer of Fortune and Gladius KO have very quickly become Green Jades most successful games with players identifying with the rationale behind the game.

Reels take a 6×4 set-up with 50 paylines. The game is offered with three RTPs – 93%, 95%, 97% – with a max return to player of 10, 112x the original stake.

Mark Taffler, Chief Commercial Officer at Green Jade Games, said: “We are delighted with how the KO series is performing. Hammer and Gladius are extremely popular for us globally. We are excited to be offering this to MRQ – who are a huge casino in the UK, very well run and very good to deal with – as a UK exclusive from 9th November.”

Troll K.O will launch on November 9th exclusively in the UK with Lindar Media’s and will be available globally through all licensed operators and aggregators from 23rd November.