Jerry Land
VP of B2B Solutions, SkillOnNet

November 5, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

We got under the skin of Jerry and found out some interesting facts about his daily routine and what he does and doesn’t get up to out of the office…

My day to day role:
I’m the VP of B2B solutions at SkillOnNet, which entails taking care of all our current B2B partners while at the same acquiring new partners that are suitable for the platform. All from basic day-to-day tasks with the partners to outlining the commercials and setting up agreements.

One time recording artist.
I once released a christmas carol record which was sold in a very limited edition (obviously there was high demand!). It was recorded at a studio in the outskirts of Las Vegas. And yes, it was a bet!

Budding football career.
I had a promising football career in the early days, but then got involved in the iGaming industry, which as you can imagine wasn’t the best recipe for success. But, I’m happy with the decision and how it all turned out today.

The Blue Lagoon.
I’ve lived in Malta for almost 8 years without visiting the very popular “Blue Lagoon”, which is something I’m extremely proud to admit.