Mark Taffler
CCO, Green Jade Games

November 9, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

We wanted to get to know Mark from Green Jade Games better, so we asked him to share three facts about himself that perhaps you wouldn’t know outside of his day-to-day role. Here’s what he has to say!

I can fly planes.
I actually wanted to be commercial pilot. I got accepted into an aviation school in UK. I started flying at Biggin Hill but it was 80k to train and there was no guarantee of a job, so I thought sod it and did something else!

I went on tour with Take That.
When I was at Samsung I was responsible for all partnerships and sponsorships, so I would go out and spend money on music acts etc. We sponsored the Take That stadium tour. They did around 27 dates and I had to go to every single one and look after VIPs’ whom met the band every night for pics etc.

I have played at Wembley.
When I was working for Chelsea, my first time there, I was a work placement student from university and I would have done anything they told me to – I am a massive Chelsea fan, and the opportunity to become Stamford the Lion the matchday mascot came up and I grabbed it with both paws!

My real job?
CCO, Green Jade Games. Helping Change the world one casino at a time