Monsta bunch! BetMonsta to launch Incentive Games products

November 26, 2020 | Sarah Blackburn

BetMonsta has bolstered its gaming portfolio by signing a deal to launch Incentive Games’s free-to-play and pay-to-play virtual sports products.

The online and mobile sportsbook can now offer a range of titles that appeal to punters not typically drawn to regular casino games – such as VLeague, Penalty Predictor, Pick 6, and Dream Team.

By reaching this broader audience, the new products will help BetMonsta drive additional revenues, especially in regions where there is limited live sport.

The games, which are optimised for Opera Mini Extreme, are particularly popular in emerging markets, where cellular data costs remains a significant barrier for players.

BetMonsta has emerged as a leading African Sportsbook Brand by recognising these very limitations and have tailored their platform and supporting relationships to accommodate the emerging African betting needs.

And the titles can retain players at scale, as well as being a powerful acquisition tool – Pick 6, for instance, attracts tens of thousands of daily entrants, with more than 70% of customers playing in consecutive weeks.

John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games, said: “I’m very excited about this partnership with BetMonsta – beauty and the beast, tale as old as time, and all that.

“I may not be as wise, or as musical, as a singing candelabrum, but our games have a proven track record of helping operators gain additional revenue by feeding players’ appetite for round-the-clock sports action.”

Dolan Deuthin, CEO at BetMonsta, said: “Shaking up the gaming world one fright at a time!”.