John Gordon
CEO, Incentive Games

January 10, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

John Gordon, the leading light at Incentive Games has a past far from gaming. We wanted to know about the award winning entrepreneur and found out in our quick fire fun fact SpotlightOn feature. Over to you John…

Day to day role
I preside over the Incentive Games kingdom.

I keep everything in check, from the army defending our position as the number one pay-to-play and free-to-play games supplier in the market, to the geeks in the studio creating our games.

I also make sure the investors that helped build the Incentive Games kingdom are happy with our work and that we are expanding our empire in line with their expectations.

A different Chemistry
I used to be the Lead Chemical Engineer for BP in Trinidad & Tobago. I left engineering around 8 years ago when I founded Incentive Games/Incentive Holdings.

Top of the Charts
The first app we launched was the Number 1 searched app in the UK app store several times in 2016/17.

And the winner is…
I won the GBEA RBS Entrepreneur of the Year for Scotland in 2019.