Nikki Morgan
Account Manager, GameOn

February 20, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

Nikki Morgan, GameOn’s newest Account Manager talks to us about her jazz hands past and fish phobia

Day to day role
I am an account and events manager for GameOn. It’s my job to bring clients marketing ideas to life and liaise with publishers to maximise their PR coverage. I’m also responsible for hosting VIP events for our clients that require hospitality initiatives; it’s not a bad gig!

I’m the one at the back!
I was in a Harry Potter Movie (I was a deatheater in Voldemorts army in The Deathly Hallows Pt2). I’m also ashamed to say I’ve never seen it!

Jazz hands
I went to the same school as Adele and Amy Winehouse -The BRIT school of Performing Arts (which we affectionately call the BRIT School of Parading Tarts)

Fishy goings on!
I am scared of fish. No idea why- maybe some traumatic past life event?
To expand on this – its not colourful little nemo style tropical fish. It’s big, scaly things with bulging eyes. Scuba diving would probably be my worst date ever.