Crucial Compliance debuts Business Intelligence platform

May 17, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

State of the art business intelligence solution allows operators to negate the need for expansive and expensive data teams

Crucial Compliance is pleased to debut its cutting-edge Crucial Business Intelligence (CBI) platform, allowing operators to negate the need for expansive and expensive data teams via a single, robust platform and service offering.

CBI is a cost-effective and quickly deployable segmentation, modelling, insight and reporting suite designed to be easily overlayed to suit the ever-changing needs of a modern, multi-territory omni-channel iGaming business.

The focus of CBI is to support or negate the need for in-house data teams by delivering industry-leading customer management into an operator’s existing environment. By deploying CBI and working with the Crucial Compliance team, operators can take advantage of unrivalled industry experience.

Crucial’s standardised Data Platform has been designed to contain all areas of business data and it can be populated from any existing business data warehouse or directly integrated into an operator’s key source systems and other data repositories.

This allows for a near out of the box integration with other Crucial Compliance modules including:

Business Reporting: the CBI Reporting module contains a suite of Power BI reports covering all key areas of the business with 25 reports as standard.

Customer Segmentation: the CBI Segmentation module features a set of segmentations designed to understand key behavioural traits and is built to automatically adapt to specific business features.

Predicative Modelling: the CBI Predictive Modelling module expands customer segmentation to provide predictive outputs to help operators understand how players might interact in the future.

CRM Attribution: this module incorporates a range of key variables that impact behaviour to fairly attribute transactions across relevant trackable marketing activity.

Analytics: the Crucial Compliance team has delivered key analytics projects to a wide range of operators and suppliers to streamline costs, drive revenues and provide greater player insight.

Crucial Player Protection: this is a comprehensive compliance suite designed to empower responsible gambling, compliance and AML teams.

Markers Of Harm: Crucial tailors the Markers Of Harm model to each operator to accurately analyse customer behaviour and determine whether each player is at risk of suffering Gambling Related Harm.

CRM Integration: the CBI Data Platform can be seamlessly integrated with any CRM tool to provide enhanced marketing capabilities.

Andy Masters, COO at Crucial Compliance, said: “Crucial Business Intelligence has been designed and developed to provide operators with a solution that is quick to market and at a fraction of the cost of building a data warehouse and BI team from the ground up.

“It offers operators an unrivalled range of models, segmentations and reporting to provide them with a solid foundation for success from day one by targeting customers directly while having a 360-degree reporting view across all business functions.”

“In Crucial Business Intelligence we not only have the right product, but we combine this with the right people to integrate the solution with an operator’s current and future platforms and to also assist them in maximising the potential of the features and tools we offer.”