Rory Kimber
Account Management and Marketing Director, 1×2 Network

May 19, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

We sat down with Rory Kimber, Account Management and Marketing Director and 1×2 Network to find out about a crazy road trip what makes him the lucky charm of the gaming industry…

Day to day role
I am the Account Management and Marketing Director, responsible for the overall revenue from any client we already have live. I manage our brilliant team of Account Managers who are constantly working hand in hand with the operators to find and promote the content that works best for their casinos. I also look after Marketing, making sure our products are shown in their best light and that we can showcase how innovative and cutting edge they are. Lastly, I am in charge of company morale.

A gaming life
Online gaming is embedded in my life – I grew up on the Isle of Man which is obviously a key jurisdiction for many gambling companies. It’s an amazing place to grow up with loads of freedom and fun but it’s not difficult to see the influence that the massive gaming companies like Pokerstars and Microgaming that are based there have on the entire island. I’ve also lived in Malta and Gibraltar so slowly ticking off every jurisdiction on my bingo card.

A Mini adventure
I once drove to Mongolia – in 2014 myself and some mates set off in a 1982 Mini Metro to drive 10,000 miles to UlaanBaatar. Setting off with only a few cans of beans, a spare tire and a pre-paid Russian visa seems crazy now but we were young, stupid and felt very prepared. There’s some great stories that came out of it so if you’re ever bored of me talking about our content then steer the conversation towards that and I promise you won’t have to hear about our latest Megaways release for at least an hour.

M&A master
I’m a lucky charm for mergers & acquisition. My first job in gaming was for Paddy Power and whilst I worked there they announced their merger with Betfair. Then I worked at Sky Vegas when Pokerstars bought them. I moved to B2B with Red Tiger and was there when Netent bought them. Finally I was at Netent when Evolution bought them! I like to think I was the key asset they were purchasing but sadly those in the know seem to think it’s a coincidence and none of those purchases had anything to do with me.