Winning the race for acquisition & retention : Incentive Games partners with Captain Up

May 18, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

Gamification Specialist & Number 1 Free-to-Play provider Incentive Games partners with award winning Gamification platform Captain Up – optimizing the customer journey, CAC & LTV

In a new collaboration, Incentive Games Free-To-Play & Pay-to-Play games and Captain Up cloud gamification & loyalty platform offer a unified service suite. The new partnership enables new onboarding strategies, with retention and engagement already set up as part of the journey – powering up acquisition tools with gamified bonuses, missions and rewards. Customers play the games, earn points, compete in tournaments, win bonuses or buy items in a shop.

Free-To-Play games have taken the industry by storm in the past couple of years, lowering the customer acquisition costs, giving operators more control over the process, significantly increasing retention. While brands wish to keep their players engaged, they compete for attention with social media, streaming services, multiplayer video games and much more. Captain Up, award winning “no code” gamification platform, maximizes customer activity and loyalty – using game mechanics and behavioral psychology. Enabling brands to offer a new customer experience, enriching the user journey with gamified promotions, segmented missions, challenges, jackpots, leaderboards and more.

“We are happy to partner with Captain Up, offering a new user journey, focusing on best results in CAC and LTV. Our companies power many brands in the industry, and now we enable the full potential of our tools – engaging & exciting gamified and personal games… Incentive Games x Captain Up = Gamification Squared.” John Gordon, CEO, Incentive Games.

“We are excited to collaborate with Incentive Games, delivering a rich & engaging new user experience – from acquisition and onboarding to activity and retention. Customers are offered to complete challenges in the games they play, while the data determines rankings & winners. Players are rewarded with custom prizes and promotions, based on real time behaviour analysis.” Uri Admon, CEO, Captain Up.

Incentive Games x Captain Up = Gamification Squared.”