Introducing Bonus Upgrader from 1X2 Network

November 11, 2021 | Sarah Blackburn

Innovative developer launches unique feature that allows players to access slot bonuses without playing the base game and select the level of bonus they want to play

1X2 Network, the award-winning online slot and casino game developer, is pleased to announce the launch of Bonus Upgrader, an innovative tool that allows players to access bonus features without having to play the base game.

Bonus Upgrader is different to other buy the bonus features in the market as it allows players to select which of the slot game’s bonus features they wish to access. For example, they can select more freespins, guaranteed wilds, increased starting multipliers, removal of low paying symbols, etc.

This allows the player to have far greater control over the game and how it plays out. They can also manage the volatility of the slot as they can choose which features they want to trigger and at what value of stake they wish to play them at.

1X2 Network plans to roll out Bonus Upgrader across the next series of slots designed and developed through its 1X2gaming and Iron Dog Studio subsidiaries, starting with Rock the Reels Megaways™.

The developer is also behind Branded Megaways™, which has taken the sector by storm. It allows operators to quickly and cost effectively launch their own Megaways™ slots that capture their brand and identity. These slots have gone on to be top performers for months on end.

Jason Bradbury, Head of Business Development & Marketing at 1X2 Network, said: “Bonus Upgrader forms part of our wider plans to develop slots and bonus features that deliver the best possible player experience and that ultimately give players more control over how the game plays out.

“Bonus Upgrader takes the concept of the buy the bonus feature and, well, upgrades it by allowing players to choose which of the game’s bonuses they wish to access and the level at which they want to play the bonus.

“We look forward to debuting Bonus Upgrader and for players to be able to enjoy the elevated and more personalised experience of playing the game that it offers.”