Pretty Technical Partners with Flows to Accelerate Delivery

February 17, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

Online gaming solutions provider Pretty Technical has signed an agreement with the industry’s innovation platform, Flows. Pretty Technical’s first project with Flows will be to accelerate the development and release of its upcoming Bonus Engine.

The Bonus Engine is part of Pretty Technical’s Mikado platform, their very own Player Account Management solution. Using Flows’ high performance real-time data processing pipeline Flows builder and no code interface, Pretty Technical is able to work towards a Q2 launch for their new bonus management system.

Pretty Technical is a software development business, technology provider and operational support partner to the gaming and finance industries. Pretty Technical services clients who have a bespoke software design and build requirement (products and platforms), alongside providing technical and operational consultancy and a range of curated in-house products built for regulated industries.

Using Flows enables Pretty Technical to fully utilise Mikado’s real-time transactional core to interact with Flows for behaviour based triggers and events. This will allow the Pretty Technical team to, in the first instance, create a bonus engine that can be individually tailored to each client and new regulation with little effort thanks to Flows no-code builder.

Flows is an agnostic innovation platform that allows partners to quickly and securely integrate agnostically to connect their systems and empower their entire organisation to drive digital delivery. Flows is re-shaping businesses and individuals’ relationship with technology in allowing them to innovate, react at speed and create within a no-code, user friendly interface that can be widely adopted.

Shantal Naidoo, Product Lead at Pretty Technical, said: “Our teams are focused on delivering value fast, whilst maintaining and developing a robust and modular platform. Mikado is the core of our iGaming solution and Flows enables us to not compromise on quality and bonus functionality. We have an ambitious roadmap for Mikado and we are excited to engage with innovative partners to ensure that our offer delivers longevity to our clients.”

James King, CEO at Flows, said: “We’re really excited to have been chosen by Pretty Technical to accelerate their delivery roadmap and support in customising their offering to clients. This agreement very much highlights the versatility of Flows and the breadth of use cases for it within the digital space to be utilised by both great providers like Pretty Technical and operators alike. I believe that Pretty Technical’s approach to clients in customising their engine to suit both the individual as well as the regulatory framework in which that individual operates will make for a very competitive offering.”