IGP and AretoNet extend partnership until 2024

March 1, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

Prolific operator, Inter Group Partner Holding (IGP), has extended its partnership with real-time business intelligence and CRM platform and service provider, AretoNet.

IGP already operates 11 brands through AretoNet, including player favourites ChitChatBingo, UK-Bingo and JazzySpins, and will now look to continue their exponential growth hand-in-hand for a further two years, taking the deal through to 2024 at the very least.

The seasoned operator offers players world class bingo and casino entertainment and will continue to take advantage of AretoNet’s expertise in real-time data analytics, business intelligence and advanced segmentation, alongside the full range of marketing automation features and tools.

Offering artificial intelligence, business intelligence, automation and their own proprietary Messaging Channel, AretoNet will provide IGP with all the tools required to execute relevant real-time marketing campaigns, maximising player conversion and retention.

AretoNet also allows operators to fully analyse their database and run automated campaigns with full lifecycle analysis. Using real-time data, IGP and other operators can make accurate decisions, launch campaigns and analyse effectiveness – all while reducing operational burden.

Lars Söderlund, Business Director and co-founder of IGP, said: “AretoNet has been influential in IGP’s upward trajectory; we’re delighted to extend the partnership until 2024 and continue this strong alliance moving forward.”

“Since joining forces, we’ve been able to analyse our player data in greater depth while maintaining an easy-to-use functionality. We’ve grown as a business alongside AretoNet and we’re sure we will continue to do so together. Here’s to the next two years.”

Justin Farrugia, CEO and co-founder of AretoNet, added: “Our link-up with IGP has already been a huge hit and we’re very happy to extend the partnership until 2024 at the very least.

“We’re into double figures in the number of brands we’ve launched together, we’ve made integration seamless for other operators and we’ve witnessed fantastic growth together. It’s a great team at IGP and we’re excited to continue working with them over the next couple of years.

“We’re proud of what we feel AretoNet can bring to customers, and the renewal of this partnership just goes to show the value of what we do. We can’t wait to build on our success together with IGP.”