PandaScore publishes “North Star” esports betting whitepaper

April 6, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

“How to build a successful esports betting product” tells operators everything they need to know about the esports betting opportunity and how to capture the sector’s biggest emerging market

PandaScore, the leading esports data and odds provider, has published a comprehensive whitepaper that provides operators with everything they need to know about capturing betting’s greatest emerging market.

Titled “How to build a successful esports betting product”, the whitepaper walks operators through the critical components of esports betting, starting with the opportunity the vertical presents before going into integrations, risk management, data, player engagement, safe gaming and compliance.

The whitepaper includes input from the PandaScore team as well as specialist contributors including:

• Brett Abarbanel, Director of Research at the International Gaming Institute
• Julien Boinet, Business Development Director at Sporting Solutions
• Eirik Kristiansen, CEO of
• Steven Salz, CEO and Co-founder of Rivalry

Rather than focus on a specific component, PandaScore has created the whitepaper to serve as a “North Star” for any business looking to invest in esports betting.

Anyone from any part of the business can take the whitepaper to their team, management and c-level personnel and use it to educate and inform on the esports opportunity and to also take action while the vertical is still at a low-cost, high-growth phase.

The primary audience for the whitepaper is betting operators and in particular larger organisations but it has been written to ensure that it offers value to every kind of betting outfit from fantasy leagues to dedicated esportsbook and distribution platforms.

Flavien Guillocheau CEO at PandaScore, said: “There’s been tremendous growth of esports betting, particularly since the pandemic. But oftentimes it’s still treated like a black box, or organisations interested in esports betting are relying on years-old research or personal connections to guide them. Esports doesn’t have to be a step into the dark.

“We have created this whitepaper to act as a blueprint for esports betting now and for the next few years while the vertical continues to scale at pace. It will help operators understand the world of esports, and what they must do in order to leverage the huge potential on the table.

“Information has been provided by the PandaScore team but also an incredible line-up of specialists who have been kind enough to share their unrivalled experience of and insight into this fascinating sector. This really does make it a must-read document for anyone considering making a play in esports betting.”