Take on The Nemean Lion in Blue Guru’s debut release

April 22, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

Players join Hercules as he embarks on the first of a series of tasks that could see him become immortal in the studio’s first game launch of the same name

Malta: 21 April 2022 – Blue Guru Games, the developer of story-driven casino games, is giving players the chance to join the legendary Hercules in his quest for atonement and immortality in its debut game release, The Nemean Lion.

The game is based on the tale of Hercules, who is driven to insanity by the jealous Goddess Hera and seeks advice from the Oracle at Delphi. His atonement and shot at immortality mean completing a series of epic tasks that became known as the Labours of Hercules.

The first task was to take on the Nemean Lion, a beast with impregnable golden fur. Players join Hercules in his quest and are helped along the way with a series of bonus features. Players collect Scatters to increase the Free Games Multiplier as they battle towards the showdown.

Land three Scatters and Hercules travels into the depts of the canyon, carrying with him the already collected Multipliers. On arrival, he receives 12 Free Spins and three Multiplier positions based on where the triggering Scatters landed.

During the Free Games, any extra Scatters that land will either add to the Multiplier value on that spot or create a new Multiplier position starting with the Multiplier above the reel. If a Multiplier is already in place, the count will increase by one.

If a winning combination passes through a Multiplier position, the win includes the sum of the Multipliers that it touches.

Kristian Hassall, Commercial Manager at Blue Guru Games, said: “Players will be able to help Hercules complete his first labour by defeating the feared Nemean Lion.

“Along the way, they must collect Scatters to not only guide Hercules towards his epic showdown with the magnificent beast but to also give him the very best chance to overpower the Nemean Lion through Free Spins and Multipliers.

“The game has been designed to take players to the heart of the Hercules story with each spin, and thanks to the fun gameplay combined with striking graphics and authentic soundtrack, we believe it does just that.”