Honoré Gaming rolls out dedicated loyalty scheme for Africa

May 31, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

Leading sportsbook platform and technology provider has developed a rewards system that can result in an average 24% rise in bets per player per month

Paris, France: 30 May 2022 – Honoré Gaming, the leading online sportsbook platform and technology provider, has developed and launched a loyalty scheme especially for the African market where it is the provider of choice for many big-name brands.

The loyalty scheme takes the level-up format with players able to earn reward points for every bet they place – the higher the expected margin of the bet, the higher the number of reward points the player receives. Points can then be redeemed as cash or free bets.

There are six levels in total and the system has been designed in a way that ensures that between 20% and 30% of active bettors will be able to reach at least level one of the scheme each month.

Players can see their current number of reward points as well as how many they need to clear the next level. To ensure the loyalty scheme delivers fun and transparency, players can also see how many points they will be awarded on the active bets they have placed.

The loyalty scheme has been live with a select number of African operators in markets such as Congo Brazzaville, Chad and Nigeria for three months and these operators have seen on average a 24% increase in the number of bets per player per month.

Christophe Casanova, Chief Operating Officer at Honoré Gaming, said: “Operators are always looking for ways to retain players and reward them for their loyalty to their sportsbook or casino. Loyalty schemes have long been a powerful way of doing this, so we wanted to offer such a scheme to operators in African markets.

“The Honoré Loyalty Scheme has been designed to add an element of fun but also transparency with players able to see how many points they could receive from each of the bets they have placed. That these points can then be cashed in for free bets or free money adds huge value to their play.

“We can already see just how effective our loyalty scheme can be with the operator partners that have been running it for the past few months, so we look forward to rolling it out with our other partners and for them to be able to drive bet volumes while boosting retention rates.”