‘Treasure of Tengshe’ from Blue Guru Games hits Oryx Hub platform

August 3, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

New Blue Guru slot introduces its next compelling game featuring its exciting Wild Dragon mechanic.

Challenger studio Blue Guru Games presents Treasure of Tengshe, a game with expanding wilds, fizzing firecrackers and an ancient serpent sky-dancing and devouring fireworks. This high-volatility, 50 payline slot will be leaping and twisting onto the Oryx Hub Platform.

Blue Guru has been making a bang in the gaming space with a series of highly engaging slots with cinematic audio-visuals. They focus on storytelling by drawing on mythology, history, esoterica, and eastern philosophy.
Tengshe is a legendary dragon, featured in ancient Chinese classic texts, who brings good fortune and riches to all who see him.

Here, he stars in the “Wild Dragon” Free Spins feature, appearing at a length of two symbols. Each free spin can trigger fireworks, which Tengshe chases into the sky, devouring them and growing as he does.

Tengshe will take the shortest route to the fireworks, and with each one consumed he will increase by one additional symbol in length, acting as Wild wherever he goes. Fireworks can also have multipliers attached.

The Chinese dragon has different connotations from the aggressive European dragon. Rather than being a fire-breathing kidnapper of maidens, it’s a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents good luck, conferring prosperity and harmony on those it meets.

That’s why Tengshe will be leaving a trail of good fortune in his wake this August.

Andy Braithwaite at Blue Guru said: “Chinese Mythology is such a deep and fascinating well to draw from and it inspires bright and vibrant games like this one. With Treasure of Tengshe, we’ve aligned the mythological theme with an exciting mechanic that we think fits the narrative perfectly.”

Niklas Mravlje, Director of Product Marketing at Oryx said: “Treasure of Tengshe is a simple to understand, yet very engaging game. It’s a delight to be working with Blue Guru and to debut this exciting new release. They’re a young studio and perhaps that’s why they’re coming up with such fresh ideas, structured around historically successful game mechanics. We are very excited to see their upcoming titles, as the quality of games is incrementally increasing with every new release!”