PandaScore launches dedicated esports BetBuilder

November 3, 2022 | Sarah Blackburn

Leading esports data and odds supplier rolls out esports dedicated BetBuilder product

Following the successful launch of PandaScore’s revamped Widget 2.0 product, leading esports data and odds supplier PandaScore has rolled out an esports-specific BetBuilder product.

The innovation allows PandaScore’s global customer base the ability to offer catered, more engaging betting opportunities for each individual esport. On CSGO, League of Legends and Dota 2, users will be able to bet on markets from the same match, on odds modelled uniquely for BetBuilder, rather than simple combinations or multiplication.

Operators who have embraced the PandaScore BetBuilder have seen a significant boost to the performance of their esports betting vertical – the product delivers margin performance in the double digits.

PandaScore’s Player Props markets, where fans can bet on their favourite players to top the kill count also benefits from the BetBuilder product – fans can factor in a specific player scoring the most kills alongside their team winning to create a betting experience that’s a game within a game.

Further, it’s been established that on average, esports bettors bet smaller amounts than traditional sports bettors, but they have a greater spread – preferring to place money on multiple individual stakes. The main motivator behind this isn’t chasing the best possible return, but because esports players bet because it’s a wrapper to the entertainment experience.

Now fans can place multiple bets on the same game through PandaScore’s BetBuilder, enriching their whole betting experience, encouraging deeper levels of engagement, and building their own stories for their favourite esports matches. The operators can create campaigns from upcoming exciting player versus player match-ups in the most anticipated matches, and leverage the same-match player props markets in the BetBuilder.

“As soon as we integrated PandaScore’s BetBuilder, it exceeded our expectations. The users fell in love with the feature right away,” stated CSGO500’s Sportsbook Manager. “The possibility to bet on multiple markets within the same match is hugely sought after among the esports betting community and it gives us a massive competitive advantage to have the dedicated esports BetBuilder already live.

“Ever since launching the product we’ve noticed a vast increase in the betting volume, and the margins have been hitting double digits, which is all we’ve ever wanted.”

Commenting on the latest product to launch, PandaScore CEO Flavien Guillocheau commented, “We’re excited to roll out BetBuilder with more partners as they can give esports fans the in-depth, rich experiences they want and expect when they bet on esports.

“Our partners will unlock new means of engaging with their customers through more vibrant connections and greater choices on the events they bet on – something we should always strive for as an industry.”