North Star Network to provide in-depth coverage of leading Brazilian football clubs with a string of partnerships

May 27, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

North Star Network, the sports and gaming media group, has added to its growing stable of brands by partnering with seven fan websites dedicated to the biggest football clubs in Brazil.

These websites combined possess traffic of more than 28 million visitors per month and will allow North Star Network to bring more news, rumors, predictions and analysis as the 2023 Brazilian football season kicks into gear.

The list of websites being added to the portfolio includes NotíciasDoMengao, which covers current South American champions Flamengo, as well as PortalDoPalmeirense, serving fans of Brazilian domestic champions Palmeiras.

Also, among the teams involved are former world champions Corinthians (NoticiasDoTimao and São Paulo (PortalDoSaoPaulino as well as 2013 South American champions Atlético Mineiro (PortalDoAtleticano and Cruzeiro (PortalCruzeirense, a team owned by former player and Brazilian football legend Ronaldo. Meanwhile, PortalDosTimes will keep fans up-to-date on all the important football news across the country.

This follows the recent purchase of Brazilian basketball website LakersBrasil .com, as North Star Network strives to connect with sports fans in Brazil and provide them with first-class insight into their favorite teams.

“We are delighted to bring fans of Brazilian football in-depth coverage from one of football’s most significant nations,” the Chief Executive Officer for North Star Network, Julien Josset, said. “Our aim is to become a leading reference point for sports fans, and with seven websites covering some of the largest football clubs in the country, we will have the perfect chance to do that, bringing fans the best possible coverage of the league and their team.”