Spribe’s Aviator crash game goes to Panama

June 8, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Players in Panama can now play crash game Aviator from Spribe after it received the necessary approvals to touch down in the market for the first time.

Panama has a thriving online casino market where players are looking to enjoy next-generation igaming experiences such as that offered by Aviator.

Aviator is a trend-setting crash game that many have tried but failed to copy. It is the original crash game and is unrivalled in its popularity with 10 million monthly players in May this year.

A big chunk of its players come from the Gen Y and Gen Z demographic due to the unique and immersive experience that the game provides.

Aviator’s simplistic UI and strong emphasis on social interaction has contributed significantly to its success. Not only can players interact in the chat function, but they can also compete against other and watch as their scores rise up the real-time leaderboard. There’s also the chance to claim free games that can land in the chat at random.

As a game development company, Spribe understands the importance of providing an experience that caters to the needs and preferences of the hard-to-reach but lucrative Millenial and Gen Z demographics and the UX and interactive gameplay ensure Aviator does just that.

Now that the game has been evaluated and certified by BMM Test Labs to be in compliance with Panama Gaming Control Board resolutions, Spribe is looking to launch Aviator with operators active in the market and is also keen to hook up with aggregators that target the jurisdiction.