Bet365 and Incentive Games launch new game: Unleash A Mercenary

July 20, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Incentive Games and bet365 have released a collaborative title, Unleash A Mercenary, a new free-to-play casino game.

The game is based on the design of Mercenary X, a bet365 exclusive title developed with xWays, xNudge and xSplit mechanics from No Limit City.

John Gordon, CEO and Founder of Incentive Games, said: “This is one of those historic moments where everyone will remember where they were when bet365 released Unleash A Mercenary… I was playing chess in Ibiza.”

“Using Mercenary X’s sublime graphics takes this game to the next level.”

“Combined with our world-class user targeting and data analytics, Unleash A Mercenary truly is a game-changer,” added Gordon.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have released a game together, with the launch of 6 Horses Challenge for Royal Ascot in June.


Bet365 and Incentive Games launch new game Unleash A Mercenary (1)


Unleash A Mercenary will feature exclusive bonus features in the form of a weekly grid game, which gives players the chance to win free spins and other rewards.

During the promotion, players will be able to reveal three pieces per day and the free spins will be able to be used in Mercenary X, the “brother” game.

The game was also licensed for use in over 130 countries at launch.

spokesperson for bet365 said: “The launch of Mercenary X in December 2022 has enabled us to elevate our in-house gaming product, enhancing our ‘Originals’ brand.”

“Now we can do the same for our customers in the form of Unleash A Mercenary, our latest free offering to all new and eligible customers.”

“We are delighted to once again collaborate with Incentive Games and look forward to Unleash A Mercenary providing an amazing gaming experience for our players,” added the spokesperson.

The launch of Unleash A Mercenary comes just a month after bet365 launched in its fifth US state, where it also signed a multi-year partnership with riverside casino, Casino Queen Marquette.