Black Cow launches innovative jackpot server

July 23, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Black Cow Technology, the provider of The Open Gaming Architecture (OGA) software that empower suppliers and operators to innovate and take ownership of the experiences they provide players, has launched a powerful jackpot server that offers unrivalled levels of flexibility.

OGA Jackpots is a fully customisable jackpot server for B2B suppliers and aggregators, as well as B2C operators, and allows them to create any kind of jackpot to sit on top of any game offered to players.

This includes Must-Hit Jackpots, Linked Jackpots, Cross-Product Jackpots, Multi-Tier Jackpots, Multi-Game Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, Mystery Jackpots, Ticket Jackpots and more.

OGA Jackpots offers a highly effective way of exciting players and creating unrivalled brand loyalty as jackpots are unique to the operator and on a game-by-game basis. They are also risk-free for the operator, as prize pots come from player stakes or an established return to player.

Black Cow’s OGA Jackpots platform has been developed based on the same philosophy as its proven OGA Platform – to facilitate any kind of game logic without restriction. This flexibility, the scope of possibility and the ease of development and deployment is what Black Cow has built its reputation on.

OGA Jackpots is the latest addition to Black Cow’s OGA product suite which comprises its Single Player Remote Game Server with Game Engine Development Kit which efficiently builds any casino game with any feature and functionality, and Multiplayer Server for truly transactional multi-player games that are turn-based, timed or spontaneous.

Max Francis, CEO at Black Cow Technology, said: “Players love jackpots. Nothing beats the anticipation and thrill of playing for large prizes and that’s why operators must stock them in their game lobbies. At Black Cow, we are passionate about putting the power of development and innovation in the hands of studios and operators, and our OGA Jackpots server does just that.

“It allows for all kinds of jackpots to be added to any game in an operator’s lobby, which means operators can differentiate in ways that have not previously been possible.

“We have designed the server with the same OGA philosophy in mind – to empower studios and operators to be able to innovate and leverage the full potential of these games and, well, hit the jackpot!”