Real Dealer’s First Hi-Lo Release Features Vinnie Jones

July 20, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Real Dealer Studios, a Hollywood-style game company, has released their first hi-lo offering, a gameshow-style title starring renowned tough guy Vinnie Jones.

The ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ star, dressed in a slick black suit, welcomes players to the game, explains the features, introduces each new card as it appears on the board, and reacts one-to-one to the player’s particular results.

Vinnie’s interactive performance in Card Chase was made possible via cinematic RNG, a new Real Dealer approach that integrates cinema-quality recorded video into a random number generator-based gaming architecture.

Professional actors, directors, and production staff give polished footage of dealers and gaming, similar to how Hollywood films are made. The resulting games represent a significant improvement in quality and realism in the realm of RNG games, which had previously been limited to computer-generated images.

In addition to celebrity star power, Vinnie Jones Card Chase includes a bonus round every 15 rounds with a guaranteed multiplier that can increase the player’s wins by up to 200x. A collectible’skip’ ability lets players to skip cards they don’t like.

“Card Chase was already going to be a hit thanks to its fast pace and exciting multiplier rounds but having Vinnie host it really launches the potential into orbit. His bombastic personality adds so much flavor to the experience and opens doors to attracting not only his die-hard fans, but operators’ sports betting customers at large,” said Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios.

Vinnie Jones Card Chase is the fourth title in Real Dealer Studios’ series starring the former Crazy Gang member. He was the dealer in Vinnie Jones Roulette and Vinnie Jones Blackjack, as well as the co-host of Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, both of which were published in the autumn of 2022.

Vinnie Jones Card Chase is only available via Games Global.