Octoplay Receives ISO 27001 Certification

August 3, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Thanks to ISO 27001, Octoplay is de facto achieving the highest possible technical standards for its information security and data management. In other words, the supplier is fully committed to complying with regulatory rules and ensuring that its products are secure for all parties involved.

The certification has a very important part in the gambling industry which is increasingly being challenged by illicit parties, and ISO 27001 is recognized as a prerequisite to enter many jurisdictions in the world and industry.

Octoplay Receives Highest Technological Acclaim with ISO 27001

Octoplay uses this certificate to demonstrate its commitment to player safety and it sends a clear message to the company’s partners that they have clearly made the right choice working with it.

Octoplay is the project and work of ex-Red Tiger director Carl Ejlertsson who has been able to leverage his immense presence in the gambling industry and turn it into an actionable business model. Commenting on this seminal achievement, Ejlertsson said:

ISO 27001 is a fundamental step on our path to developing the industry’s leading gaming technology company. The certification makes securing regulatory approvals smoother and provides further objective assurance to our partners and regulators that we are committed to the highest of technical standards.

Red Tiger director Carl Ejlertsson

Octoplay recently entered the market in the United Kingdom, acquiring a license from the watchdog and making a determined move in one of the largest iGaming markets in Europe and the world.