Calling all intrepid players. RAW iGaming launches Aztec SuperTracks™

September 27, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Go on a mythical journey where heroes appease gods with gems in return for potentially big prizes

Step into Aztec SuperTracks™, the latest game release from Raw iGaming, the studio on a mission to blast industry monotony out of the sky.

In this unique 9×7 experience, an adventure unfolds filled with warriors, gods, and epic win potential! Aztec SuperTracks follows the journey of four heroes as they seek to discover special offerings to appease their angry gods and preserve world order. They are helped on their way by RAW’s innovative SuperTracks® pay mechanic opening a treasure trove of power-ups, gems and bonuses along its path.

SuperTracks creates pathways where our four heroes move around those paths and when connections happen, they have the opportunity to collect items, such as Gems, which determine the wins, or Offerings to the gods, all whilst avoiding round-ending pitfalls and blockers.

The game is played on a large bi-directional panel that changes orientation to optimise itself for the device screen. Hunt down the God Gems and the more a player amasses, the bigger the reward!

The game is packed with a variety of features that keep gameplay fresh including: powerful game enhancements that boost the chance to win, four powerful feature tiles bestowing instant rewards, Respins on every gem collection and a Paradise Respin Bonus for appeasing the gods with human heart offerings.

Aztec SuperTracks also offers Bonus Rush®, which allows players to rush straight to the bonus action, which is available in supported markets.

Tom Wood, CEO of RAW iGaming, said Aztec SuperTracks takes players on a real adventure via unique, thrilling gameplay.

”This is yet another example of how our patent-pending mechanics provide the flexibility to create a wide variety of scenarios. We are not a standard studio and will continue to push boundaries. Aztec SuperTracks is a great example of that, being as compelling as it is thrilling. A true adventure like no other.”