Scrimmage Announces New Partnership with Kutt

October 11, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Kutt, a peer-to-peer (P2P) sports and social gaming application, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Scrimmage, an entity providing specialized gamified loyalty programs within the igaming industry. This collaboration aims to augment user experience and engagement by integrating a bespoke loyalty program crafted by Scrimmage, which has begun to manifest positive outcomes such as a double-digit surge in bet volume and user referrals since its inception.

The novel loyalty program introduced by Scrimmage, known for developing engagement-driven solutions within the igaming sector, is set to offer Kutt’s user base an enriched betting experience. This is achieved through personalized questlines, unique perks, and tailored rewards, thereby enabling bettors to accrue cashback on their stakes. The initiative underscores an industry trend where igaming operators are progressively focusing on user retention and personalized user experience.

Notably, Scrimmage has been recognized for its adept capability in elevating client engagement and retention in the igaming industry through its innovative loyalty programs. The firm provides a range of services from enhancing pre-existing loyalty infrastructures to constructing customized programs from the ground up. This enables igaming operators to segment users and create tailor-made quests, boosts, and rewards, ensuring a personalized journey for diverse user types.

In an era where consumer expectation leans heavily toward personalized interactions — with 71% anticipating companies to deliver such experiences and 76% expressing frustration when it doesn’t occur, according to a study by McKinsey — such initiatives are pivotal. Furthermore, the study indicated that 78% of consumers assert that personalization increases their propensity to repurchase.

Kutt, functioning as a P2P sports and social igaming application, facilitates users to directly wager against each other, spanning a myriad of events from sports to politics and pop culture. It not only provides a platform to validate predictions through wagering but also operates as a social network for bettors, enhancing the social and interactive facets of betting.

This synergy between Kutt and Scrimmage signals a convergence of innovative igaming solutions and an operator intent on providing an elevated, personalized user experience, aligning with contemporary consumer expectations in the igaming domain.

“We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Kutt and are excited to offer users an entirely personalized playthrough on the app,” stated Scrimmage founder Dan Taren. “This partnership showcases the shift from operators to focus on retention and the user experience rather than purely acquisition. Kutt is well positioned for the new generation of bettor that requires the social features and personalization that Scrimmage provides.”

Sim Harmon, the founder of Kutt, said: “The Scrimmage integration was a no-brainer for us. The custom rewards program incentivizes users to complete a variety of betting-related tasks, which results in more platform activity – and therefore revenue – for Kutt.”