Lancaster Investments the holding company acquired by the tech entrepreneur Joan Beaufort becomes “La Royale Investments Group”

November 22, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Joan Beaufort, French serial tech entrepreneur confirms that he has taken full control of Lancaster Investments Group, by buying out his partners’ shares. Founded in 2014, the venture capital and private equity investments firm is now entering a new phase in its development.

As part of the Group’s ambition to become a key player in new technologies, the Group becomes La Royale Investments. With a diversified portfolio spanning fintech through La Royale Fintech Investments, real estate with La Royale Properties Investments and gaming with La Royale Gaming Investments, the group solidifies its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Joan Beaufort, Founder and CEO of La Royale Investments Group, said: “With La Royale Investment Group, we want to create a universe that is not only one of cutting-edge expertise and top-of-the-range products, but also one of dreams. The name La Royale holds deep symbolism for me, connecting to my hometown, Molsheim, in Alsace, France. La Royale is a special kind of imagination that combines exclusivity and the sublime. Whether in the Fintech, Gaming or Properties sectors, these are the values we aim to convey”.