Microgaming’s PlayItForward Bursary Celebrates a Decade of Educational Support

November 6, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Microgaming, a leading entity in the igaming sector, is nearing the 10th anniversary of its PlayItForward Education Bursary. This philanthropic initiative was crafted to further the aspirations of promising young individuals from the Isle of Man, irrespective of their socio-economic origins.

Established in 2014, in partnership with the Isle of Man’s Department of Education, Sport and Culture (DESC), this laudable initiative has been pivotal in empowering numerous students on the island to access higher education, alleviating potential financial pressures.

To date, the PlayItForward Education Bursary has underwritten the university journey for 36 students by covering essential living and accommodation expenses. Of these, 24 have successfully graduated, now making contributions in diverse sectors, including igaming, teaching, healthcare, and commerce.

The bursary’s community-oriented nature extends beyond financial aid. Microgaming has provided summer internships for 11 beneficiaries, facilitating real-world igaming industry experience and enhancing their professional profiles. Each intern has been supported by a dedicated team at Microgaming, ensuring mentorship, guidance, and a conducive environment for their growth. Post-graduation, Microgaming has kept these channels of communication open, with some graduates even joining the firm’s workforce.

As PlayItForward Education Bursary beneficiaries continue to thrive in their respective fields, Microgaming takes pride in the initiative’s success stories. The company remains committed to this endeavor, eager to positively influence more deserving students in the future.

Tim Johnston MHK, Minister for Enterprise, commented: ‘The Island Plan makes a clear commitment to encouraging lifelong learning and giving our young people access to high-quality education and training opportunities, recognising that giving people the tools to reach their full potential is a fundamental pillar of our social and economic success.

‘The long-standing support which has been provided by the Microgaming PlayItForward Education Bursary embodies this ambition, giving many students over the past 10 years the opportunity to access high-quality further education in order to set them up for a secure and prosperous career.’

Kate Moughtin, Senior CSR Manager at Microgaming, said: “Microgaming firmly believes that the Isle of Man’s next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators should be given every opportunity to flourish, regardless of their circumstances.

“[So] as we celebrate a decade of empowering young minds through the Microgaming PlayItForward Education Bursary, we extend our gratitude to everyone who has played a part in making this initiative a success, from the mentors who have guided these students to the DESC teams both past and present.

“Ten years of the Microgaming PlayItForward Education Bursary have certainly transformed lives, opened doors and paved the way for the Isle of Man’s next generation of talent. As the journey continues, we are excited to see what opportunities the future holds for our island’s brightest sparks.”