Case Study: How Livespins Transformed Online Slot Gaming

December 20, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

The online casino industry has undergone a significant transformation, evolving into an unparalleled platform for social entertainment and player engagement. Enterprises such as Livespins are leveraging the power of real-time streaming technology to achieve impressive results and shift global views on live betting.

In this case study, we will explore how Livespins harnessed Dolby Millicast and WebRTC to offer a compelling online slot experience to their viewers, while also pioneering the dynamic iGaming trend of Bet Behind, increasing player retention in the process.

iGaming Stats

Online Casino Players 2023 Current Market Value Projected growth
94.1 million USD $93 billion USD $264 billion by 2030.

Business Need

Enable “Bet Behind” in Real Time

Correlate bets placed by online players behind gamers who are broadcasting their slot games in real-time.

Challenges Solutions Livespins results
Needs to be real-time video delivery <500ms.

Even a 3-5 second delay is impossible for the player to correlate his bet with the bet that the streamer is placing.

Dolby Millicast delivers lightning-fast video to global players in <500ms. for a fair and compliant betting experience. Livespins was able to successfully correlate and implement bet behind in real time.
Combine high-quality audio and video streaming with the ability to interact. Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy. Their premium product is sold on a B2B basis to B2C online casino operators.
Have experts construct the infrastructure and software as a service to build the WebRTC SFU and all related components. Our solutions engineers made it easy to integrate our interactive streaming solution in a short amount of time. Livespins increased engagement at almost twice that of some of the most popular slots.


In the past, the thrill of online slot machines was as simple as a click of a button, watching with bated breath as the animated slots whirled, hopefully landing in your favor. Yet, the repetitive whirl of the same old slots could dull the excitement after a while. Enter Livespins and a unique concept called Bet Behind. The idea was born out of a desire to combine the best elements of casino gaming and live streaming, providing a more immersive and social experience for player retention.

This concept would allow viewers to bet behind the main player or streamer, thereby creating a shared gaming experience where everyone can play together and win together. The success of this concept, however, hinged on the real-time delivery of the live stream to every viewer. The conventional RTMP stream, lagging by merely 3 to 5 seconds over HLS, would fail to fulfill the essential prerequisites.

Revolutionizing Online Slots

In their quest for a solution, Livespins discovered Dolby Millicast’s real-time streaming technology on the internet. They needed two distinct solutions: a partner for real-time video broadcasting with end-to-end WebRTC support, and a specialized team to construct the infrastructure and software as a service. This would negate the necessity for them to build the WebRTC SFU and all its related components themselves.

Christopher Demicoli, an engineering architect at Livespins, sheds light on their rapid development process. “With the aid of detailed documentation at and the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial without limiting restrictions, we were able to rapidly bring our proof of concept to life in less than a day” he explains.

Together with the team of real-time streaming engineers at Dolby Millicast, the product was rapidly introduced to the market. This product is primarily sold on a business-to-business basis to online casino operators who, in turn, cater to their end consumers including brand ambassadors and celebrities. The target audience for this product varies, but typically consists of male and female online casino players aged between 20 and 45.

The Pivotal Role of Dolby Millicast

Fast forward to 2023 where Livespins has made their mark in the online gaming world by offering a revolutionary approach to slot games. Their unique blend of innovation and technology is drawing in players from all over the world, immersing them in a real-time gaming experience that is unlike any other. According to Michael Pederson, the CCO of Livespins, “Dolby Millicast is an essential pillar in delivering a top-quality product to our clients and has therefore played an important role in our business success and results.”

The performance of Livespins is making a significant impact in terms of value. With its user engagement metrics showing that the “average rounds per player” is almost double compared to some of the most frequented slots, Livespins is clearly resonating with users. This high level of engagement not only attests to the game’s popularity but also highlights its capacity for player retention and maintaining their interest over time.


Livespins’ impressive performance and high user engagement rates signify its substantial value impact in the competitive landscape of online casino games. Their player engagement figures highlight the potential return on investment for online casino operators. The game’s capability to draw and hold player attention clearly leads to increased revenue and growth, making Livespins and their partnership with Dolby Millicast, a valuable addition to any operator’s gaming portfolio.