Real Dealer levels-up its cinematic games offering with Multi-Hand Blackjack

December 20, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn

Real Dealer Studios enhanced its Hollywood-style table games portfolio with the release of Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael, the first of the producer’s titles to offer multi-hand functionality.

The feature, popular among blackjack afficionados, mirrors the experience at land-based casino tables where a player can play multiple hands on the same round. The hands can have separate bet amounts and are played out independently, one by one, against the dealer’s hand.

In the same fashion, Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael gives players the choice to separately place bets, buy insurance, hit, stand, split or double down on up to three hands in each round. As this happens, the dealer – played by Texas-born actress Rachael Bower (Twin Peaks) – appears to interact with the player in one-to-one fashion as she deals cards, asks for the player’s decisions and comments on the results.

This realistic dealer interaction is made possible by Cinematic RNG, an innovative process created by Real Dealer whereby professional actors, directors and production crew deliver polished cinema-quality recorded video, which is then integrated into a random number generator-based game framework.

The fast-paced game additionally sets itself apart from other Cinematic RNG blackjack titles by being the first to offer the Ten-20TM side bet. The bet pays out whenever the first two cards dealt to the player total 10 or 20, while landing a pair of 5s pays out the maximum 22:1.

Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael is the fourth Real Dealer production to feature the charismatic Texan. It’s also the fourth blackjack game in Real Dealer’s portfolio, following Vinnie Jones Blackjack, Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia, and Ultimate Blackjack with Rachael. As with Real Dealer’s other titles, this game is available exclusively from Games Global.