Sweet Wins with Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbolsTM from RAW iGaming

December 11, 2023 | Sarah Blackburn
RAW iGaming Spreads Sweet Victories In Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™

RAW iGaming Spreads Sweet Victories In Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™

The candy-themed slot genre reaches new heights as RAW iGaming introduces its latest creation, Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™.

This mouth-watering addition to the SuperSymbols series promises an exhilarating sugar rush of Splitting Reels, Cloning Reels, Free Spins, and more.

Founder and CEO of RAW iGaming, Tom Wood, expressed enthusiasm about the release, stating, “There are candy-themed slots and then there is Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols. This is the sweetest slot title out there thanks to the candy shop of bonus features we have built into the game, including a significant chance at collecting big multiplier wins.”

Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™ is the third installment in RAW iGaming’s SuperSymbols series, offering players an immersive experience in a sugary wonderland. The game unfolds across five reels and five rows but can expand to a whopping nine reels and ten rows, resembling a massive gob-stopper.

SuperSymbols take center stage, allowing matching symbols adjacent to each other to merge into larger paying shapes, expanding when similar symbols land nearby. Symbol sizes directly correspond to win potential, and SuperSymbol Upgrades enhance wins, provide additional expansion potential, and trigger more respins.

The excitement continues with Reel Splits, where sweet icons align above and below the reels, introducing a new reel to boost win potential. For an extra dose of sweetness, players can trigger Free Spins with Reel Clones by collecting three or more Bonus symbols. This feature enhances the Reel Splits, cloning adjacent reels for even more significant win potential.

True to RAW iGaming’s signature style, Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™ incorporates Bonus Rush, enabling players to fast-track to the bonus round, and Clusterspin, offering the chance to win up to 1,000x their bet with each spin.

Wood added, “This is a treat to unwrap and play, and we look forward to seeing players get that candy-high with Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols.” The game caters to players seeking sweet victories, positioned at the higher end of the volatility scale.

With its innovative SuperSymbols mechanic and an array of enticing features, Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™ aims to redefine the sweetness of slot gaming, providing players with an unforgettable sugar rush of big wins