Black Cow launches pioneering Multiplayer RGS

March 29, 2024 | Sarah Blackburn

Black Cow Technology has set sights on a “new era” of igaming after launching its Multiplayer RGS solution, allowing operators and suppliers to build multiplayer titles.

As multiplayer igaming continues to be a hot topic for the industry, Black Cow’s latest solution will allow its partners to create event-driven games in which several players can interact and see events happening in real-time.

Multiplayer slot releases are currently under development following the launch of Multiplayer RGS, which will see small groups of players assigned to a group in a slot’s base game.

If one player gains access to the bonus game mode, all players are taken to it with each member of the group taking a share of the winnings. The sociability within each title is said to appeal to ‘lucrative but hard-to-reach’ Millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Games with timed and shared draws can also be transformed into multiplayer titles using the Multiplayer RGS technology, as well as niche games using the crash format.

While suppliers can use the solution to enhance the sociability of their new releases, the technology also allows for studios to apply the multiplayer functionality to any existing games from their catalogue.

“The possibilities are endless.” commented Max Francis, Black Cow Technology CEO.

“Any kind of multiplayer game experience can be built with our Multiplayer RGS platform and our philosophy is just the same as for our successful single player gaming server: the power should be placed in the hands of the operator to create and build multiplayer games efficiently and quickly. This really is the beginning of a new era.”

Black Cow has already offered the technology to several game suppliers, with Multiplayer RGS titles set to hit our screens later this year.