Booming Games and Ronaldinho Gaúcho hosted an exclusive party in Rio de Janeiro

March 26, 2024 | Sarah Blackburn

Last Wednesday, Rio de Janeiro witnessed a soirée as Booming Games and international football sensation Ronaldinho Gaúcho hosted an unforgettable gathering at a private Villa. With over 300 attendees, including Ronaldinho himself, the event was announced as a Party of the Year and a true definition of a partnership celebration.

Among the notable guests were members of Ronaldinho’s band, Tropa Do Bruxo, industry professionals and influencers, including Narcisa, Mc Cabelinho, Xamã, and l7nnon. Each of these individuals commands a substantial following across various social media platforms, ranging from a few to several million followers. Ronaldinho, in particular, boasts a staggering network exceeding 170 million followers.

Booming Games went above and beyond to provide guests with a multitude of attractions, including top-notch culinary delights and beverages, performances by Brazil’s finest DJs and bands, and an exclusive opportunity to capture cherished moments with Ronaldinho through personalized photo sessions.

The event captivated media attention both in Brazil and worldwide, solidifying its status as a highlight on the social calendar.

Commenting on the occasion, Frederik Niehusen, Chief Commercial Officer at Booming Games, said: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Ronaldinho Gaúcho and host this remarkable event. It was a testament to our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences on and offline and forging meaningful connections within our community. The overwhelming response from attendees and media alike underscores the success of our collaboration and sets a high bar for future endeavors.”

Adding to the sentiment, Max Niehusen, CEO of Booming Games, expressed: “We are delighted to have organized an evening that not only showcased our brand’s ethos but also brought joy and excitement to all who attended. Our partnership with Ronaldinho Gaúcho signifies the beginning of an exciting journey. We can’t wait to unveil our first-ever branded game featuring Ronaldinho, and we are extremely pleased to have generated significant buzz both within and outside the industry during this event.”