Golden Whale launches self-service Data Analytics Portal for Game Suppliers

March 24, 2024 | Sarah Blackburn

Golden Whale Productions, the company that built the first real-time machine-learning platform for the gaming industry, is now enabling leading RGS and game suppliers to drive efficiencies and growth through the power of data and ML.

This is being done via an early access program based on Golden Whale’s innovative Data Analytics Portal that has previously been available to RGS operators but can now be used by game studios.

The Portal puts the power of data in the hands of the studio, providing free views, aggregations and insights so that developers can immediately take a more data-driven approach to creating and refining titles.

The platform will provide deeper transparency into how their titles are performing, give detailed retention-analytics, bonus and other feature-optimisation, as well as information about outliers, trends and more.

These analytics functions will then be the basis for advanced machine learning models and enable product improvements that have never been possible before!

Golden Whale is providing free early access to the Portal from Q2. All that studios need to do is head to the dedicated website page and sign-up. It takes just seconds.

Those who take advantage of the free trial will also be able to use Golden Whale’s Feature Proposal System, sharing ideas and suggestions for the company to consider and add to its product roadmap over the coming months.

Several studios have already signed up to the Foundation Free Trial. Spaces are limited, so Golden Whale is encouraging studios to register now.

Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO at Golden Whale Productions, said: “For many years, we have believed and said that real-time data processing and machine learning will be the key to gaming companies staying in the game – but really this applies to many companies in the sector.

“Having developed out “Foundation” platform to help our operator partners achieve massive uplifts in growth and monetisation, we are now helping studios to unlock the power of data and machine learning to gain never-seen-before insights into how their games are performing.

“Not only that, they will receive recommendations for how to improve games and future releases so that they not only meet but exceed player expectations. This is a significant advantage to have, and one that is only possible through data and machine learning.

“We are excited to be offering studios free access to Foundation now, allowing them to explore its capabilities and see for themselves how data and machine learning can help them take their games to a whole other level.”