Continent 8 Technologies achieves Broadcom Premier Partner status for VMware Public & Private Cloud

April 24, 2024 | Sarah Blackburn

Continent 8 Technologies, the leading provider of managed hosting, connectivity, cloud and cybersecurity solutions to the global online gambling industry, has strengthened its VMware solution capabilities by achieving Premier Partner status in the newly formed Broadcom program.

The Broadcom Partner Program for VMware Cloud Service Providers (VCSPs) enables Continent 8 to remain a trusted VMware partner in delivering managed cloud solutions globally to customers. Being a premier partner means that customers can be confident that Continent 8 meets the highest standards and qualifications in the delivery, management, and support of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and adjacent solutions. Membership in the Program is by invitation only and is available to those key partners to whom Broadcom offers to appoint.

Over the past 25+ years, Continent 8 has earned an unrivalled reputation for reliable infrastructure and connectivity, innovating, developing, and providing services to support the most demanding online requirements. Achieving this partner status demonstrates its value in managing critical workloads.

With 15 public, multi-tenant, regulated clouds, and more than 40 private, dedicated tenant clouds globally, Continent 8 can offer customers best-in-class managed and professional services.

Continent 8 has successfully migrated many customers from non-virtualised and existing VMware infrastructure to fully managed and compliant clouds, bringing cost savings via licensing scale and 24/7 support capability.

The company manages more than 150 cloud customer virtual environments, across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, bringing a repeatable high-quality, high resilience, and DDoS-protected experience wherever customers’ workloads need to be.

Continent 8 launched its first public cloud offering almost 10 years ago, and now also provides inclusive off-site backup, object storage, container services and inclusive WaaP and DDoS protection to its customers.

Edward O’Connor, Chief Technical Officer at Continent 8 Technologies, said: “Achieving Premier Partner status following the Broadcom acquisition and change in commercial environment was an important milestone for Continent 8.

“Not only does this demonstrate to customers our ability to manage and migrate customers’ VMware workloads but retain key cost efficiencies. Adding this to our existing Nutanix, Veeam and AWS partner status and accreditation capabilities allows our customers the option of multiple private and public cloud technologies for regulated requirements.

“It is partnerships and capabilities such as this that have allowed Continent 8 to become the go-to infrastructure and cloud provider for operators and suppliers in the global online gambling industry, providing a one-stop-shop for customer needs.”

Justin Cosnett, Chief Product Officer at Continent 8 Technologies, added: “This partner status is key to us continuing to enable customers to choose their cloud, and Continent 8 manages, secures and connects them. Customers can engage Continent 8 to undertake all migration activity, minimising any potential cost impact.

“For any customer concerned about reducing technology spend, and minimising management overheads, Continent 8 offers a comprehensive alternative, maintaining or even improving regulatory compliance via inclusive backup. With two more public clouds being launched in the next quarter in US and LatAm, the growth and adoption of our cloud capabilities is a testament to our professional and managed services teams.”