PlayOJO Revives ‘Street Casino’ Guerilla Marketing Campaign

May 17, 2024 | Sarah Blackburn

Online casino, PlayOJO returned to the streets of London for a repeat of its successful ‘Street Casino’ marketing campaign. The campaign promoted fun, authentic engagement with the brand in the form of gameshow-style challenges for cash prizes. Social media users could also take part digitally, through similar challenges for the chance to win Amazon vouchers.

Comic actor, Andy Hindson returned as the larger-than-life gamemaster. He hosted a suite of challenges, including ‘Bingo Basket Head,’ in which two contestants tried to catch as many bingo balls in their head baskets as possible.

Or Axe Throwing, where contestants needed to take aim at Andy with velcro axes as he donned a medieval helmet and a target circle. Some of these challenges even tested the British public’s knowledge on famous songs and movies.

Social Media Manager, Alessandro Iacovangelo at PlayOJO said: “This campaign aims to create a buzz around the brand through authentic entertainment with consumers both digitally and in-person. It emphasizes PlayOJO’s brand identity, which is fun and unconventional while also highlighting the casino’s commitment to fairness and a chance to win cash with no strings attached.

The British public is always up for a good laugh, and we didn’t want this to get lost in translation, so each challenge was done unscripted and purely focused on delivering entertaining content to our players.”